Canon Pixma E500 Error Codes

Error Codes printer Canon Pixma E500
1.Canon E500 Error Code E02 (E,0,2) The machine is out ofpaper. / Paper does not feed.
2.Canon E500 Error Code E03 (E,0,3) Paper Jam.
3.Canon E500 Error Code E04 (E,0,4) The FINE cartridge is not installed properly.
4.Canon E500 Error Code E05 (E,0,5) The FINE cartridge is not installed properly. / Appropriate FINE cartridge is not installed.
5.Canon E500 Error Code E06 (E,0,6) The paper output cover is open.
6.Canon E500 Error Code E07 (E,0,7) The ink absorber is full. You need to reset counter.
7.Canon E500 Error Code E08 (E,0,8) Ink absorber is almost full. Press BLACK or COLOR button to resume.

8.Canon E500 Error Code E12 (E,1,2) Cannot print the contents on CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM.
9.Canon E500 Error Code E13 (E,1,3) The remaining ink level cannot be detected. Press and hold Stop/Reset -/+ 10 sec.
Canon Pixma Error Codes
10.Canon E500 Error Code E15 (E,1,5) The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized.
11.Canon E500 Error Code E16 (E,1,6) The ink has run out.Press Stop/Reset to resume printing.
12.Canon E500 Error Code E17 (E,1,7) The front tray is closed.
13.Canon E500 Error Code E30 (E,3,0) The size of the original cannot be correctly detected or the document is too small when the Fit-to-Page copying is selected.
14.Canon E500 Error Code E31 (E,3,1) The machine is not connected with the computer.
15.Canon E500 Error Code E40 (E,4,0) The protective material for the FINE cartridge or the tape remains attached.
16.Canon E500 Error Code E50 (E,5,0) Scanning the printhead alignment sheet has failed.
17.Canon E500 Error Code P02 (P,0,2). Printer malfunction.
18.Canon E500 Error Code P10 (P,1,0).Mechanical printer malfunction.